Trailer Fabrication

If you need to customize or modify your trailer to meet your hauling application’s needs, Big Tex Trailer World can help. Our team has decades of experience helping customers design their trailers to achieve maximum efficiency and performance. Our expert technicians can install your custom parts and accessories or build your trailer from the ground up according to your specifications.

Trailer Fabrication Services Near You

An optimally outfitted trailer is essential for doing your job productively and safely. While there are hundreds of stock options available, you may need to fabricate a trailer with unique features to suit your needs and stand up to the most demanding conditions. 

Whether you’re looking to fabricate trailers for your landscape, roofing, general construction trailer fleets, or your personal trailer, our team can help you determine all the critical factors to consider for customization. Designing the perfect trailer for your operation starts with addressing several essential categories, including:

  • Type of cargo you’ll be hauling: If you have an idea of your primary cargo, you can maximize your trailer’s design. For example, you’ll want an enclosed trailer if you are constantly contending with extreme weather. Likewise, hauling animals will require a different trailer type than transporting smaller loads of everyday materials.
  • Weight of your load: If you know the maximum weights of your cargo, you can design your trailer accordingly. Different trailer models have various weight ratings, so determining your needs in advance is vital.
  • Attachment types you’ll need: When choosing a hitch, you should know how much your trailer will weigh when fully loaded. Similarly, load sizes, shapes and weights dictate the best types of beams, frames and flatbeds.
  • Trailer materials and components: Your trailer’s gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) is a great place to start when determining the type of frame, tires, brakes and bed constriction best suited for your application.
  • Safety chains: We’ll help you choose chains that exceed your trailer’s GVWR. We use cold-rolled eyelets for enhanced safety as an alternative to attaching the chains directly to the frame.

Benefits of Partnering With Big Tex Trailer World

When you partner with us for custom trailer fabrication and manufacturing, you’ll work with some of the industry’s top designers and technicians. We can help you analyze your needs to create an affordable, durable and efficient trailer that delivers many years of reliable service.

Some of the benefits of partnering with us include the following:

  • Trailer industry experts: Our designers and technicians are among the industry’s most knowledgeable and experienced. We’ll help you assess all the critical factors to fabricate the best trailer for your needs.
  • Over 60 locations nationwide: Big Tex Trailer World offers more than 60 convenient locations with experts who can deliver top-notch advice for customizing your trailer. We also stand ready to provide all the replacement parts, accessories and repair services you’ll need. 
  • Top brand parts: We offer over 4,000 in-stock trailer parts and components from the market’s leading manufacturers and brands to deliver optimal hauling performance.

Choose Big Tex Trailer World for Trailer Fabrication Parts and Services Today

Our team is ready to help you make the right decisions to get the most out of your custom trailer, whether you’re looking for a few simple modifications or an entire trailer fabrication. Contact us online or visit the location nearest you to learn more about our services.