Trailer Light & Wiring Repair Near You

Big Tex Trailer World is your one-stop wiring and trailer light repair shop! Our expert technicians can take care of any electrical repair, restoration, service or maintenance you need to keep you mobile and your trailer lights on. With more than 65 locations nationwide, Big Tex Trailer World is conveniently located near you.

Repairing the wiring on your trailers can be difficult and frustrating, so we recommend you bring your trailer in for maintenance for any light or electrical issue. Our technicians have the knowledge and experience to make sure you're properly well-lit whenever you're on the road.

Our Technicians can tackle lighting needs

Choosing Big Tex Trailer World as your one-stop trailer repair shop is simple: we can do it all including lighting repair and install. We hire the best technicians in the business - our service team has years of experience under their belts and resolve lighting issues every week. They have seen it all and can do it all, with the knowledge and expertise to help you find a solution on how best to keep your trailer in top shape.

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Some Trailer Repair Services We Offer:
Here are some examples of our most popular trailer repair services. We can help take care of these, along with so much more:
  • Trailer Customization: Do you have a specialized need for your rig or specialty trailer? We can help you there. Our expert technicians can work with you to figure out your exact needs, whether that’s lighting, ramps, jacks or anything else.
  • Brake Controller Installation: Brake installation can be a tricky business, but fortunately, we’re here to help. If you need to add a brake controller, we can help you do so safely and in a timely manner.
  • Horse Trailer Service: Keep your horses and livestock safe and comfortable with our comprehensive horse and livestock trailer service. We provide a full range of maintenance, repairs and installations to keep you and your precious cargo rolling.
  • Trailer Wiring and Electrical Repair: Whether you need wiring installation, repair or replacement, we can help with that. Wiring problems are one of the most common issues for trailer owners, so fortunately, our expert technicians can tackle any problem, from troubleshooting to repairs.
  • Coupler Replacement: A functioning coupler is clearly important when it comes to safe towing. Whether you’re having issues with rust/corrosion, connectivity or adjusting the jaw clamps, we can help before an accident occurs.
  • Wood Deck Replacement: Sadly, even the most durable decks and floor boards are prone to wear and tear eventually. If you’re having issues with rotting boards, breakage, or simply want an upgrade, we can take care of that for you.
  • Trailer Axle Repair & Replacement: Whether your axle needs servicing, changing, repairing, or replacing, we recommend you bring your trailer in for a free inspection and any necessary maintenance.
  • Wheel Bearings Repacking & Inspecting: Needing to inspect or repack your trailer's wheel bearings? The expert technicians at Big Tex Trailer World are here to help. Find a service center near you!
  • Boat Trailer Repair: Do you need to get your boat trailer ready for the season? Whether it is wiring, brakes, bearings, axles, couplers, or tires our skilled technicians can have you ready to tow your boat to the nearest lake or river safely. We recommend that you bring your boat trailer in early for a free inspection to be ready for the season.
  • RV Repair: Now is the time to make sure that your RV is ready for those long road trips. We can do anything from packing bearings to replacing brakes and axles. We can also help with wiring and electrical repair. We recommend that you bring your RV in for a free inspection.


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