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CMG Dakota Service Body Truck Bed DRW

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$5,625.00 Clearance Pricing
  • Sundowner of Georgia
  • 1575 Access Rd
    Covington, GA, 30014
  • https://www.bigtextrailerworld.com/covington
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Zip Code: 30014
Condition: New
Country: US
Year: 2018
Does it have Living Quarters?: No
Trailer Brand: CM Truck Beds
External Length: 110"
Color: White
Stock #: 35839
Trailer Model: CMG11094VVSS
Title: CMG Dakota Service Body Truck Bed DRW
External Width: 94"
ID: 20473

CMG Truck Bed



  • Super durable powdercoat finish
    • While other companies stick to paint, CM Truck Bodies coats every product we make with powder. Using the highest quality powder coat finish, we go under every edge and cover every crevice to ensure your truck bed is protected. This superior finish also adds a shine that will last for many years.
  • Non-slip Black Lava
    • When you count on CM Truck Bodies, you can count on the toughest, most durable coating on our decks that will extend the life of our truck bodies. We coat our bodies with the toughest, most durable coating available in the market that not only holds up the the rigors of work, but also provides a non skid surface.
  • Gas cylinder style door holders
    • We don't use simple springs, we use the finest gas shocks on the market today. Our gas shocks provide strength that allows our doors to open smoothly and stay open so you can use your body for what its intended for...work!
  • LED rear lighting with wiring harness
    • When safety counts, count on CM Truck Bodies. We utilize the safest, easiest to maintain lights on the market. LED lights are brighter, light up instantaneously, and are the easiest lights to provide maintenance to in the industry.
  • Recessed Rear Bumper
    • No need to worry about a rear impact crash, our bumpers provide the safest protection when you are inbolved in a rear impact crash. With a crash zone, our bumpers also do not damage the body when involved in a minor fender bender. Simply adjust the bumper back out and you are set!
  • Treadbrite aluminum compartment tops
    • No covers here. Our aluminum compartment tops are solid. Providing strength to installed toolboxes, air compressors, and even generators to the tops of our toolboxes.
  • Automotive stainless steel rotary latches
    • Keeping your tools safe is the most important component of a working man. No doubt, our latches will not only keep them safe, but also out of the elements that the toolboxes are placed under each and every day. When you shut your toolboxes, you can rest assured that our toolbox latches will meet your expectations.
  • Vise socket in bumper
    • Service bodies are intended to work, so we design them to do so. We put a vise well in the rear of every bumper on every service body that we manufacture. Rest assured that when you are ready to work, our bodies are too.
  • Conduit in understructure
    • Nothing is more aggravating than wiring issues. That's why we run all of our wiring in conduit to prevent issues associated with ice and debris.
  • Bolted body for secure attachment
    • Our bodies are intended to work, and when they are put to work, no doubt they will get damaged. That's where we are different. Our component bodies are bolted together making repair on our bodies easier than any on the market. Need a different configuration, just unbolt one side and put a different configuration on it.
  • Universal body and bumper mounting kit
    • Installation has never been easier. Just take our mounting kits and put them on. This allows for the best in installation and prevents any installation issues.
  • Automotive D Bulb weather stripping
    • Weatherstripping is an important feature of any body. Our doors are sealed with D bulb weatherstripping to ensure that no moisture gains entry to the interior of our tool boxes. When you put your prized possessions in your boxes, don't worry if they will be protected.
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