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CMTB SK Truck Body SK2 86/97/58/42 2014Ram, 2RTB

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$2,875.95 Clearance Pricing
  • Sundowner of Georgia
  • 1575 Access Rd
    Covington, GA, 30014
  • https://www.bigtextrailerworld.com/covington
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Zip Code: 30014
Condition: New
Country: US
Year: 2004
Does it have Living Quarters?: No
Trailer Brand: CM Truck Beds
Color: Black
Trailer Model: 1520917
Title: CMTB SK Truck Body SK2 86/97/58/42 2014Ram, 2RTB
VIN: KC00230224
ID: 45451

Combined with the finest skirted truck bodies, CM’s SK Truck Bed model offers many great features to consumers and distributors alike. Supplying top-notch features and hardware, the SK model includes: Best in class tubular steel headache rack, state-of-the-art LED lighting, and top quality B&W hitches.

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