Trailer Customization

If you have a unique need for your truck or specialty trailer, Big Tex Trailer World can help. Our expert service technicians work with you to add preferences that meet your needs, including jacks, lighting, ramps and more.

Our Trailer Customization Service Technicians

Working with Big Tex Trailer World is a one-stop solution because we handle the entire customization process. Our team of expert service technicians has years of industry expertise. We’ve completed tailored projects of all types, and we have the knowledge and skills to deliver a custom trailer that exceeds your expectations.

In addition to decades of experience and expertise, other benefits of working with our talented team of customization service technicians include:

  • Access to tools and resources: Our service technicians have access to the most extensive selection of premium quality trailer parts and accessories anywhere — ours.
  • Dedication to superior service: Like the entire Big Tex Trailer World team, our customization service technicians work hard to earn your business over and over again.
  • Commitment to craftsmanship: Our team of trailer service technicians takes pride in their work and stands behind your satisfaction with it.
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Trailer Customization Capabilities

There are many ways we can help you customize your trailer to match your needs and personality. Some features you can tailor include:

  • Fabrication: Take advantage of our extensive in-house fabrication capabilities to produce a trailer design that meets your unique specifications. 
  • Lighting: Increase visibility by upgrading or adding exterior and interior lighting. We have many options to choose from, including spot flood light bars.
  • Jacks: Make raising, lowering, attaching and detaching easier with a custom jack setup. Our in-house selection includes manual or power models and your choice of winding configurations.
  • Hitches: Choose standard chrome or black forged hitches for a traditional look. You can also opt for a versatile custom hitch with a limited lifetime warranty.

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We have over 60 stores throughout the U.S. to bring your trailer design ideas to life. Call your neighborhood store or submit a request for more information online today!

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