Wheel Bearings Repacking and Inspecting

Repacking requires inspecting a trailer’s wheel bearings to clean them and determine whether they need replacement. The end of the process involves repacking the bearings into the wheel with new grease to deliver maximum lubrication. Frequent wheel repacking is vital because the entire weight of the trailer rides on the bearings and depends on them to provide safe and smooth transport.

At Big Tex Trailer World, we offer wheel bearing inspection and repacking at the recommended intervals to keep your trailer running in peak condition. Our skilled technicians use modern tools and advanced techniques to ensure the highest quality service. As experts in the trailer industry, our team has unsurpassed knowledge and experience working with all trailer makes and models.

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Why Do You Need to Clean and Repack Your Trailer’s Wheel Bearings?

Over time, the grease in your wheels breaks down and loses its ability to lubricate your bearings properly. Water can also enter your wheel’s hub from condensation or submersion, causing damage to your bearings with continued exposure. If your wheel bearings don’t receive the lubrication they need, the added friction can ultimately lead to your wheels locking up. When friction levels rise, the chance of an accident increases.

Repacking your wheels with new grease allows them to spin freely without excess heat and friction. Repacking your wheel bearings regularly and keeping them lubricated saves you money over the significant problems and repair bills that result from inadequate lubrication and poor care. It also prevents your trailer wheel bearings from needing to be replaced as often.

How Often Should You Clean and Repack Your Wheel Bearings?

When your wheel bearings are dirty, require lubrication or deteriorate, they become noisy and hot to the touch before grinding to a halt and seizing. If you hear a whining or grinding noise in your wheel area, it usually means that your equipment requires service. Rather than putting yourself, your passengers and your equipment at risk, having your trailer serviced at the appropriate intervals ensures maximum safety.

Big Tex Trailer World recommends regular trailer wheel bearing inspection and maintenance every six months for optimal performance. Our technicians have the knowledge and experience to inspect and repack your bearings accurately and get you back on the road quickly.

Benefits of Choosing Big Tex Trailer World for Your Repair and Maintenance Needs

Big Tex Trailer World is committed to delivering the highest quality and affordable repair services, maintenance packages, parts and accessories to keep your trailer operating safely and efficiently. Our wheel bearing packing and inspection services are just one example of the many superior solutions we offer. 

Additional advantages of partnering with us for wheel bearing maintenance and other services include:

  • One-stop trailer shop: Big Tex Trailer World can handle all your equipment needs with our industry-leading inventory of over 4,000 in-stock parts and accessories.
  • Expert technicians: Our staff is among the most skilled and experienced in the industry. You can trust our repair and maintenance services, which cover everything from wheels and tires to brakes and electrical systems.
  • Over 60 locations nationwide: Our multiple locations across the country mean you won’t need to travel far for our products and services, like trailer wheel bearing maintenance.

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If it’s time to inspect, clean and repack your trailer’s wheel bearings, let us handle the work for you. Our technicians will ensure you receive speedy and accurate service at an affordable cost. 

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